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Created by Tamu Lewis, Young's sister and Dr. Velma Love, Young's mother, the Lee Thompson Young Foundation was created to promote mental health literacy through the Foundation's mission and vision. We envision a world in which mental illness is recognized by all as a treatable, bio psychosocial disorder and the stigma associated with it no longer exists; a world that supports and encourages wholeness and wellbeing at every stage of life.

Progressive Mental Health and Wellness Training - MIND - Making Informed Decisions

The Lee Thompson Young Foundation seeks to make a contribution to changing the story around mental health through its educational and awareness programming, MIND. MIND is based on recommendations from the Child Trends policy brief and report, "Are the Children Well? A Model and Recommendations for Promoting the Mental Wellness of the Nation's Young People." The report, commissioned by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, encourages a new perspective with the following key features:

  • Mental and physical wellness are inseparable
  • Wellness is more than the absence of illness
  • Wellness is a resource

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Our Vision and Mission

The Lee Thompson Young Foundation is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to erasing the stigma associated with mental illness through advancing holistic health treatments and improving the lives of all those impacted.

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Read and Share Your Story

Share your experience about mental health issues or simply talk to us. Your participation in our Foundation is the reason we exist. This fight is personal and you are not alone. You can choose to allow the public to see your comments or privately communicate with us.

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Meet our Team

In supporting our mission and vision, the Lee Thompson Young Foundation has created a board of directors that is progressive, forward thinking, and committed to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health conditions.

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Lee Thompson Young Foundation - #MentalHealth

Who is Lee Thompson Young

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, Young first picked up the family craft at the age of ten, when he would tell traditional folk tales of the Carolinas at local festivals and community events.

Young's passion for acting began not long after. Young took on his first role, portraying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Phyllis Wheatley Theater's original play, A Night of Stars and Dreams, discover more about Lee Thompson Young.

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